Tenants’ Health And Safety Rights

Tenants have important rights. Just because you rent a house or apartment does not mean you have to endure conditions that are unsanitary or hazardous to your health. Under Massachusetts law, you have the right to a safe and habitable living environment.

The state sanitary code and other state laws require landlords to observe certain minimum standards in the condition of their rental properties. As a tenant, you have important rights affecting various aspects of your housing, including:

  • Lead paintLandlords must provide detailed disclosures regarding whether lead paint is present on the property. If a child under age 6 lives on the premises, the landlord must remove any lead paint.
  • Toxic moldYour landlord must make sure that the property is free from excessive dampness that can contribute to mold growth. The landlord must also take steps to remove existing toxic mold “colonies.”
  • Asbestos: The landlord must correct any violations of state regulations regarding the presence of asbestos.
  • Pests: You have the right to live in a pest-free house. Depending on the type of housing and the particular situation, landlords are generally responsible for keeping the property free from rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs and other pests.
  • Repairs: Your landlord must keep the property in good repair.
  • Electrical safety: The property owner must ensure that the electrical systems are safe and up to code.
  • Structural safety: The owner must ensure that the walls, roof, windows, foundation and other structural features are safe, weathertight, free from chronic dampness and in sound condition.

The law regarding tenants’ rights in evictions and counterclaims is detailed as to tenants’ rights and landlords’ obligations. The lawyers at The Law Offices of John S. Wessler have been representing tenants for over three decades.

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