Mold Exposure In The Workplace

Most Americans spend a significant amount of time in the workplace. We often take it for granted that the physical environment at work will be clean and safe. Rarely do we consider the workplace a source of health hazards.

Toxic mold in the workplace can lead to significant, lasting health problems. Exposure can affect some individuals more severely than others. The symptoms may range from respiratory and breathing problems to neurological dysfunction. Schools are often damp because they are not maintained. It is not uncommon for some teachers and students to experience significant health problems as a result of exposure to mold in school buildings.

Where Is Mold Found?

Mold requires moisture to flourish. In buildings with dampness, water damage or high humidity, toxic mold can become a serious concern. Mold spores detach from moisture-laden areas and can quickly spread to contaminate air in the area beyond the original water intrusion.

Any type of building can harbor toxic mold. Basements, ground floors and schools are notorious for mold growth. Water damage resulting from a flood or roof leaks can create conditions ripe for mold. Even newer buildings can develop mold infestations as a result of damp conditions and construction errors.

What Should You Do About Mold In The Workplace?

If you are concerned about mold exposure at your workplace, it is important to consult with your physician and explore your legal options with the help of a qualified attorney. You may be entitled to file a worker’s compensation claim. In some cases, you may also have a toxic tort claim against third parties.

At The Law Offices of John S. Wessler, our attorneys can walk you through your options following toxic mold exposure in the workplace. We handle both workers’ compensation claims and third party toxic tort cases. Our firm maintains a strong focus on the legal issues surrounding toxic mold. We remain knowledgeable about current scientific and medical research in this complex area.

Our attorneys have devoted their entire careers — nearly 60 years in total — to protecting the health and safety of the public through aggressive legal action to mitigate health hazards such as toxic mold.

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