Lead Paint Exposure


Lead paint is toxic to humans. It is especially dangerous for children, whose growth and development renders them sensitive to its harmful effects. Lead-poisoned children are more prone to develop learning and behavior difficulties. Lead paint exposure in children can lead to permanent damage to the brain and nervous systems, inhibited growth and other detrimental health problems. Lead paint is also particularly toxic for pregnant women.

Despite its dangers, lead paint persists in millions of homes, apartments and rental properties across the country — particularly in older homes built before lead paint was banned in 1978. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nearly 80 percent of dwellings built before 1960 contain lead paint.

Lead Paint Concerns For Tenants

Because many rental properties were built before 1978, tenants are more likely to run into lead paint poisoning. Lead paint that is chipping or peeling is extremely hazardous. Even if the paint is covered up beneath new paint, it can still become a health hazard due to deterioration or if disturbed during repairs or renovations.

The latest research establishes that no amount of lead paint exposure is safe.

Massachusetts Lead Paint Laws

Massachusetts has some of the most stringent standards in the country regarding lead paint abatement. Landlords and property sellers have distinct legal responsibilities regarding disclosure of known lead hazards. The law itself is complex, and its application depends on the circumstances.

In general, landlords must comply with detailed legal notification and disclosure requirements with regard to lead paint. They must notify tenants of whether lead paint has been found, and they must de-lead the property if a child under age 6 resides on the premises.

Experienced Advocates For Tenants And Homebuyers

If you are a tenant or homebuyer concerned about lead paint poisoning, various legal options may be available. You should not have to continue to jeopardize your health — or that of your family — by living in a property with dangerous lead paint conditions.

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