Homeowners’ Health And Safety Rights

Buying a home is an exciting step in life. However, the joys of home ownership can quickly become overshadowed by a nightmare when conditions within the home threaten your health and safety.

As a homeowner, it is important to understand your rights. A critical piece involves dealing with your housing insurance company and determining whether you have coverage under the terms of your policy.

Legal Options For Confronting Hazardous Conditions

Homeowners can run into a variety of circumstances that pose health and safety ramifications, including:

  • Construction defects: A newly built home is not always free from hazards. Defects in the construction can require expensive remediation.
  • Contractor claims: Contractors who perform defective work can be held liable, particularly if dangerous conditions stemming from their work lead to injuries or health problems.
  • Toxic moldMold growth can jeopardize your health. If the seller misrepresented or lied about the presence of mold — or mold-inducing conditions such as water damage and dampness — you may be able to bring a claim. Home inspectors are also responsible for alerting you to mold in the home.
  • Lead paintSellers are required to provide detailed disclosures regarding the presence of lead paint. Children are particularly susceptible to lead paint poisoning.
  • Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulationThis relatively recent insulation product has been tied to significant health problems.

Various legal options may be available to navigate these problems. Depending on the circumstances, you may have potential claims against numerous parties, including:

  • The seller
  • The real estate brokers
  • The home inspector
  • Contractors
  • Insurance companies

By speaking with a qualified attorney, you can learn more about how to proceed under the facts of your situation.

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