Health Standards For Housing


Housing is a basic human need. Everyone deserves a safe, sanitary place to live.

Health hazards can crop up in any type of housing — single family homes, rental properties, apartments and condos, to name a few. You may not even be aware of the hazard until your health is impacted. Often, significant remedial measures are necessary to eliminate the harm from your home.

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At The Law Offices of John S. Wessler in South Lawrence, Massachusetts, our firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of homeowners, condo owners and tenants to safe and healthy housing. Our attorneys have devoted their careers to this field. Over decades of practice, we have developed the seasoned legal judgment and in-depth knowledge necessary for navigating health and housing issues.

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When Your Housing Threatens Your Health

We can guide you through the legal concerns associated with any type of housing and health concern, including:

  • Lead paintLead paint and paint dust are poisonous to humans — especially children. The Massachusetts lead paint law imposes specific legal duties to abate lead paint. The nature of these duties depends on the circumstances and type of housing. The amount of lead in children that is recognized as causing potential learning problems continues to drop as research has found lead-related learning problems at even lower levels of lead than previously thought.
  • Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulationThis type of insulation can cause health problems for those who live in homes in which this insulation has been installed. SPF emits a number of chemicals that can cause serious health problems if the application is not performed carefully and according to industry and manufacturer standards. Often manufacturers are at fault by not providing proper warnings or training as to the hazards that improper spraying can cause.
  • Toxic moldMold can take hold wherever there are damp conditions. Any number of problems can lead to toxic mold growth, including inadequate drainage, unremediated water damage and insufficient air flow.

Depending on whether you own a condominium or a traditional home — or whether you are a tenant — your rights with regard to health hazards may differ. It is also important to understand the scope of all housing insurance policies that may provide coverage for any damages you suffer.

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